Understanding Clickbank

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Mon, Nov 30, 2009

Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank has some fancy numbers on their site that can be a little difficult to understand.  They have their own way of grouping their product to help you understand what is best for you to promote.  Here is how to decipher those designations:

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$/Sale: This is the amount of the commission you will make on each sale you refer

Future $: If the commission is recurring, this is how much you will make in the future months (always look for recurring commsions, these are the best!)

Total $/Sale: Total you will make on each sale

%/sale: Percentage of overall price you are making.  These are good to know, because if you are selling a lot of products, and your percentage is low, you can email the owner of a product and ask for a higher percentage of the profit since you are making so much money for them.

%refd: How many of these products that sold were sold by affiliates.

Grav: This is the gravity. It is a difficult number to understand, however it isbasically the number of affiliates who have made a sale of this product in the last 30 days.The higher the gravity, the more affiliates that there are promoting it and getting sales.  This indicates two things.  1. You will have more competition.  This is okay if you are prepared to work a little harder.  2.  People are making sales on it.  This is good, because it probably means the vendor has a good sales page and a good product.

If the gravity is low, don’t let this deter you.  Check out the vendor’s sales page and see if it’s something you would buy.  Is it a good product?  If not, move on.  If it looks good to you and the product is very relevant to your website, give it a try!

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