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Once you’ve chosen a product to market on your blog, or to use to build a squidoo page, what should you write? You need content for your specific blog posts, your squidoo lenses, or your articles on goarticles. We’ve showed you how to set up your categories, titles, keywords and tags for these pages, but once you’ve completed these items, what should you write?

In our experiences, we’ve seen two different types of landing pages become really successful for marketers. We use Product Reviews, and Individual Testimonials. Most of the time, when you sign up for an affiliate product, your affiliate manager will provide these items for you. They are actual reviews and testimonials that customers have sent them and they have permission to reuse them. (If you set up an affiliate program with someone who didn’t have one, you can email them and ask if they have these.) If you are marketing your own product, send out some free ebooks to people and ask them to review it for you. If you became and affiliate for a product because you used it and loved it, write your own testimonial or product review.

Product Review Sites: These are exactly what they sound like. They are sites that review specific products, maybe several different brands of the product, or several different models of the same brand. They include product comparisons, information about the industry or company, along with links to the products on different website (these will be your affiliate links)

Tips for Product Review Sites:

  • Make sure this isn’t a long page of text. Use bolded, relevant headings that include the keywords that people used to reach your site.
  • Statistically, showing 3-7 Reviews of the product is most successful. You can get these off of the actual product website, amazon, or from your affiliate manager.
  • Use a brief description of the product, but do not copy and paste the description. Use your own words so it is not duplicate content.
  • You can rank the product, or rank various attributes of the product. What you will rank completely depends on your industry, but some common things to rank are usability, reliability, effectiveness, customer service. You can give each of these columns to give each product an overall ranking.
  • Use great images of the products. Show them enough that they don’t need to read the description, and descibe the product well enough that they don’t need the images.
  • Give your customers lots of options to leave your page and go purchase the product. Link to the product several times throughout the text, as well as “Click Here to Buy (or Download) Now” buttons.
  • Make sure your information is “above the fold.” Don’t make them scroll down to find the reviews, they’ll likely click off the site before they see them.

Personal Testimonial Sites: These are first person explanations of how the product or service worked for them. These are long text pages, describing an experience, rather than bulleted lists. If these are not provided, and you are writing them, ask yourself,

  • What state of mind would someone be in if they were looking for this product? What experiences would they have that led them here?
  • What concerns might they have with this product? Can I address these with information I have?
  • How will this product improve their life?
  • What features does this product have that will address what this customer needs and wants specifically?
  • What risks are there that might come up with this product? Do I have enough information to address these risks?

If you can write out answers to all of these, you are well on your way to having a great testimonial page written. Your goal is to emotionally connect with each of your readers, and alleviate any fears or concerns they may have about the purchase. You can also write an unbiased review, simply giving information about the product without ever stating an opinion. Simply include information about the product, the company, the kind of benefits it has, etc. Keep your eyes open for products that have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so that if the buyer is unhappy with any of it, they can get their money back.

These pages will dramatically improve your PPC Quality Score, your SEO rankings, and ultimately, your conversions!

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