Earn Up To $209 Per Referral

…PLUS Recurring Income!

PromotingMom offers our affiliates a lucrative incentive program that easily creates a monthly recurring income stream for anyone who is proactive with their promotions.

Our affiliate program pays a generous 20% RECURRING comission on all membership sales! For every silver membership you refer you will receive $7.80 each and every month that they remain a member. For every platinum membership you refer, you will receive $13.40 every month that they remain a member. Just think what a few well worded emails or blog posts could bring in!

What Are Your Earnings Potential?

20% per Referral for the LIFETIME of their Membership!

Referrals in a Single Month
# of Gold Referrals If Those Members Stayed For 1 Month If Those Members Stayed For 1 Year
20 per month $156.00 $1,872.00
1 per day $234.00 $2,808.00
5 per day $1,170.00 $14,040.00
15 per day $3,510.00 $42,120.00
Based upon the price of gold membership.

The payouts above reflect only 1 months worth of referrals. Assuming you promoted the site for a month, had 10, 30, 150 or 300 members sign up during that month, and then never had anyone else sign up after that. If all of those members remained in the program for a year, you could expect the payouts shown in the right column.

Imagine the income potential if you continued to promote the program month after month?

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