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We have included a wealth of information on this website, and we want to be very careful that you don’t get lost trying to maneuver through it. Please read through all of this so you know where to go to locate the exact information you need to know.

If you want to get started immediately, without learning all the skills, please see our Fastest Start Guide. You will being Marketing PromotingMom as an Affiliate. Five very easy steps will have you earning commissions in no time!

On PromotingMom, we focus on three different ways of earning money from internet marketing: Affiliate Marketing, Monetizing a Blog (or Niche Blogging) and e-Commerce. Please read a little bit about each to determine what is the best fit for you.


Affiliate Marketing– This is promoting a someone elses information product or physical product. You can promote their product through PPC, a blog, or by posting articles. Affiliate Marketing is by far the fastest way to get started, especially if you just need to earn a few hundred extra dollars a month. Many people support themselves and their families off of affiliate marketing, and a handful bring in seven figures a year, but we tend to think of affiliate marketing as a gateway. You will learn important skills doing affiliate marketing, that you can use later on your own business if you wish.

In our Affiliate Marketing Fast Start Guide, you will learn to pick a niche and do keyword research (find words that people are actually searching for). Then you will choose a way to move forward with one of the ways to market affiliate products and you will learn all the skills necessary to start earning commissions.


Monetizing a Blog – Blogging is almost second nature to a lot of moms. Many many moms have successfully used their blogs to earn a second income, but many try to do that and fail. One of the main issues with this is they don’t know how to draw qualified traffic to their blogs. They may write about their children, or things that interest them, put a couple of ads up, and hope the money will start pouring in. As many of you know, this does not work! If you are in this position, please start with our fast start guide and learn about niche research, keyword research, and matching products to your niche and keywords that are actually being searched. Then you will learn to bring qualified traffic to your blog (not just your friends and family, but people who are searching for the items that will make you money) and eventually, once you have a good level of traffic, you’ll learn to increase conversions (increase the number of visitors that are spending money with you)

In our Fast Start to Blogging Guide, you will learn to do keyword and niche research, identify and analyze your competitors, build a blog from scratch, put products on that blog, and then draw qualified traffic to the blog.


E-Commerce– Perhaps you have a product that you would like to sell online. Perhaps you would like to sell a product online, and have one in mind, but you don’t know where to find that product. Perhaps you have the general idea that you would like to sell something online, but you don’t know what, and you wouldn’t know where to find it if you did know! E-Commerce simply indicates that you are selling a physical product online, through a store. You can either sell your own product, or wholesale items that you purchase, or you can dropship products that someone else makes and ships to the customer, and you get a portion of the cost.

In our Fast Start to E-Commerce Guide, you will learn to, identify a niche, start a website, purchase a shopping cart, find products related to your niche, put the products on your site, and start drawing qualified traffic. Once you have that traffic, you will learn to increase the number of conversions, or purchases on your website.

Whichever avenue you choose, you will learn basic concepts that you can maket on our Marketplace to start earning money right away.

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