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FROM: PromotingMom Founders, Ashley Coombe and Ashley Rader
TO: All Internet Marketing and Online Business Mompreneurs

RE: Have you Found the Secret to Running a Lucrative Online Business, AND being able to Stay Home with your Kids?

If you are like most mompreneurs, you probably have tried a bit of this and a little of that, trying to make ends meet so you can stay home with your kids and be the best mom you can.  

After successfully building our own online businesses that allowed us to work from home while bringing in significant income, we heard from hundreds of moms who wanted the secret to our success. We would like to share with you all of the tips and tricks for building a successful ecommerce, blog or affiliate based business that it took us many years to learn.  

So that you may too, discover the same freedom and excitement of being a work at home "mompreneur", and making a sizable income from it.

We are going to get right to the point and by the time you're done reading this, you're going to understand exactly what PromotingMom is, why you should join, and what it will do for your family and your business.

Your success is all that matters to us and PromotingMom is designed to give you everything you need to break through the barriers and earn the kind of income you've always wanted.

You've seen them all over, "systems" that claim to be the magic answer to quick and easy riches.   "Order now and in 3 months you will be massively wealthy".

And by now you probably know what we know - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GET RICH QUICK.

It takes hard work, and time, and we believe, a great support network.

Here is where the first choice comes in: You can choose to spend time or, you can choose to spend money, to break through and hit your goals for your online income.

You could spend all day long searching the web for all the "Free" content that is available. The problem is you don't know how reliable or good the information is. So you could double the time it takes to find success trying every "top secret" out there before you find the one that works.

Plus, you are a Mom, if "time is money" to anyone, we know it is you! You've only got a short while in between naps or nursing or picking the kids up from school. The time you do have, needs to be spent efficiently and smartly, and with the biggest bang for your buck.  

You could also clean out little Juniors college fund betting on this "quick fix" or that "controversial new technique" (Internet Marketing gurus LOVE to use the word "controversial"). How many products do you really need, in order to get legitimate, measurable results?

You shouldn't have to buy into every new hot product that is out there. You need to act upon the one that delivers you content and training that gets results and that provides the right support and network opportunity to encourage and motivate you to put in the time required.

And success will follow.

If this is what you are looking for, You may find that PromotingMom is going to be your new best friend...

Here's What You Get With an PromotingMom Membership

Training Content

Advanced and Premium Training Articles and Videos across all Internet Marketing Topics X
Ecommerce Fast Start Guide - Training on Starting & Building a Profitable Ecommerce Business in 120 days X
Blogging Fast Start Guide - Training on Building a Blog and Monetizing it For Income X
Cutting Edge, Fresh and Current Training & Content Added Weekly X
Affiliates Fast Start Guide - How To Make a Profit in 30 days with Affiliate Marketing X
Exclusive Coupons and Discounts negotiated with affiliated online businesses, available to our members X

Freelance Marketplace

Search and Hire PromotingMom trained Moms to Outsource Writing, Programming, Link Building and more X
Earn fast cash as a Freelance Provider on our Marketplace, offering your Skills to other Business owners for Hire X


Community forum for finding quick answers, site reviews, problem solving and more X
Social Networking functionality allowing you to network with other moms, build communities, & support eachother X
Forums with over 200,000 posts to quickly answer your Questions X
eMoms Local - Coming soon - meet other Mompreneurs in your area for monthly meetups X


Here's How a Career in Internet Marketing Could Stack up:

Each one of us at PromotingMom spent a lot of time paying off student loans, from degrees that none of us are actively using. College was an invaluable experience, but each of us can't help imagining where we'd be now if we had started building our internet marketing business just a few years earlier!  

What is the ROI on your current career?

Profession Cost of the Degree Annual Earnings Potential Time Required
Teacher or School Counselor $$80k-100k $40-80k 5+ Years
Lawyer or Doctor $100k-$150k $75k-$300k 5+ Years
Ecommerce and Internet Marketing $37.00 / Month $30k - $250,000 + > 1 Year

As we continue to state, this isn't something where you will "get rich quick and easy", but if you put in time and hard work and have the drive, the earning on this chart are entirely reasonable (in fact some would say they are conservative!). Internet marketing allows you to connect with the worlds largest marketplace and you can earn income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while changing diapers and making bottles!

Fast Start Guides

We have found that for people just starting out their journey into internet marketing, the first 3 months are the "make or break" point.

You are super excited to start the journey, but where do you start? Do you have the knowledge or skills that you need? And once you start, are you dedicated to putting in the time required to see success?
We've all been there.

Each of us started our business under circumstances probably not far from yours. We know what the first few months can be like, exhilarating highs of excitement for what could be, and then the lows of "this is a lot of work" or "this doesn't happen overnight".

We know this is the most crucial time for needing the right training, and the right support. So we have designed our 3 Fast Start Guides just for you.

We offer a "Starting your Business" Fast Start, eCommerce Fast Start and a Blogging Fast Start (plus our super fast start to Affiliate Marketing ebook downloadable when you enter your membership page!). We recommend focusing on just one at a time, however if you are ambitious you do have access to all 3!

eCommerce Fast Start:

In our eCommerce Fast Start, you'll receive weekly training and homework, guiding you through all the necessary steps to start your business. eCommerce can be one of the hardest areas to focus as it can take a longer time to build the site and do all the necessary "up front" work, but it can have a huge payoff in income if you set it up correctly from the start. Some of the areas of focus are:

  • Choosing Your Niche & Keyword Research

  • Naming Your Business and Getting the proper Business paperwork set up

  • Choosing a domain, setting up hosting, choosing the right shopping cart software

  • Sourcing products and establishing relationships with the right suppliers

  • Designing your site

  • SEO, link building, on page optimization and conversions

  • Email Marketing, Customer Service

There are over 20 modules that will be sent to you over the course of 3 months instructing you though all the necessary steps to get your ecommerce site running quickly and with everything you need to be successful.

Blogging Fast Start:

Most moms are familiar with blogs and the concept of blogging. We probably don't need to go into huge depths explaining the concept. Many moms already have their own blogs many of which might have a ton of traffic coming to them. But are you earning money from them? Did you realize that you could? In our Blogging Fast Start, you'll receive training and homework every couple of days walking you through the process of setting up a blog (if you don't already have one) and some of the best ways you can use it as an income source:

  • Installing and Configuring Wordpress

  • Wordpress themes and Plugins

  • Blogging Basics

  • Ways to Monetize the Blog

There are over 12 modules that will be sent to you over the course of 6 weeks instructing you though all the necessary steps to get your ecommerce site running quickly and with everything you need to be successful.

Starting Your Business Fast Start:

Regardless of what area of Internet Marketing you might choose to go into, most in the end will require certain things that you need to do up front in order to establish your business legally and properly. This 4 week course will take you through:

  • Business Licenses That you will require

  • Naming your business and Trademark/copyright considerations

  • Protecting Your Business

  • Outsourcing, hiring and internal communication business tools

The first step of the PromotingMom experience is the training. We offer a library in depth articles and videos with specific steps and details for you to implement on your website and on your business, to get it built, ranking on the search engines, growing traffic, increasing conversions, and earning money.

The primary focus of our training on PromotingMom is in 3 specific areas that we feel women and specifically moms have a certain "knack" for. Ecommerce, because well, what woman doesn't love to shop of course! Blogging because we also love to talk about our families and our lives and things we are passionate about.   And lastly, Affiliate Marketing because we all love to tell our friends when we find a great product, or a great deal.   For some reason, these three areas of Internet Marketing seem to be dominated by highly successful women who are passionate about what they do - go figure.   Would you like to find passion in your career?

Just a few of the specific training topics we cover for these areas include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword & Niche Research, Starting a Business, Social Networking, Pay Per Click (PPC), Blogging, Video Marketing, E-Commerce, Design, Outsourcing, Copywriting, and Much, Much More...

Let us introduce ourselves to you

Ashley Rader
Ashley Rader
Ashley Rader is the owner and proprieter of She started out selling wedding dresses online, and the business grew into a premier wedding favors & gifts empire over the years. She recently started a second site, Ashley has two toddlers, Jackson and Lila. Ashley has helped countless friends and family members get their own businesses set up and earning money online.
Ashley Coombe
Ashley Coombe
Ashley Coombe started internet marketing several years ago with her site Soon after, she began consulting for websites on how to rank their sites for terms that would bring them money. Her two daughters, Emma and Sophia are only 16 months apart, so with a two and a three year old, she's learned quite a bit about multitasking!

Between the two of us, our different strategies have taken each of our business to new levels. We have been part of high end internet marketing strategy groups, and tried all of the programs out there that are generally regarded as the best. As our own businesses grew, we realized that we had strategies and ideas that were unique to the existing information, as well as unique advice for moms who are trying to start their own business while raising children.

As women driven to help other women rise up and realize their dreams, we also believe it is our responsibility to take that message to those who might not have the resources to do it on their own. We are dedicated to supporting charities that focus on empowering women across our communities, across the nation, and the world. 10% of all profits each and every month are given to groups that help women all over the globe rise up and realize their true potential. For more information about our charitable donations and our commitment to empowering women, click here.

We're about to get to the point where you decide whether PromotingMom is right for you, so let's take a second to recap what you get with your membership:

Just a few of the specific training topics we cover for these areas include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword & Niche Research, Starting a Business, Social Networking, Pay Per Click (PPC), Blogging, Video Marketing, E-Commerce, Design, Outsourcing, Copywriting, and Much, Much More...


Cutting Edge, Practical and Current Internet Marketing Training- Gain access to training content that covers every topic you need to know to succeed with your business, no matter what your business model or niche.



3 Fast Start Modules to Get you Started and on your way to becoming a WAHM in months instead of years



PromotingMom Freelance Marketplace where Moms support Moms by hiring other moms who have gone through our program, and KNOW what they are doing when it comes to design for SEO, link building, copy writing, content and more. Post jobs here that your business is in need of, or if you are a mom with special talents that might benefit another eMompreneur, biding on products posted in the Freelance Marketplace is exclusively available to PromotingMom members! Start earning income and the cash that you need in order to build and grow your own business!



Networking with other Mompreneurs - Our forum and networking community is an active place where you can get near instant support on website issues, suggestions on site improvements, ideas for growth, and the chance to enter partnerships or marketing ventures with other like-minded mommas!



State of the Art Marketing Tools - Use our toolbox to test and discover areas of your site that could use improvement, competitors to target, niches that may be untapped, and more.

Yes - I'm Ready to Become a Mompreneur!
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If you're someone who's excited and willing to take action, join PromotingMom today. You'll be very glad you did.

In fact, we're so confident that you'll look back on this as being one of the best decisions you've ever made, that PromotingMom is offering a very special Double Risk Free Guarantee.

Here it is -- see if you think this is fair. And more importantly, see if this doesn't remove any possible reason you can think of not to at least TRY PromotingMom and give it a chance to change your life, and your family too.

Once you become a member of our community you find everything you need to start, grow and build a highly successful online business.   We have put the training into place to do that, and we have the network of like-minded mompreneurs to k you up.  

We are all walking the same (or similar) path as you, trying to find the balance between acheiving personal success and fulfillment, while also being the kind of mom you always wanted to me.  You are NOT alone. 

You're a member of the PromotingMom "family" and our successes are tied to one another.   It is a community of positive support, sharing enriching ideas, and helping eachother to grow as women, mothers and as business leaders.  

So, if after giving our program a try, you decide that Internet Marketing is not for you... that is OK!   Just let us know, and you will be given a full refund for the month.

But if you WANT the freedom of being your own boss (so you CAN make it to all those soccer games and dance recitals), you need to join the ranks of other PromotingMom.

We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help you succeed.  And if you're following our program and still struggling to make the kind of money you need to, then we can talk and figure out a personalized plan for you.

Success at PromotingMom takes a Mom who's willing to take a leap of faith for themselves, and do what it takes. Someone, as they say, who wants to make things happen, not watch things happen.   If that's you, then you're in the right place. Click the button at the bottom of this page and try PromotingMom risk free for one month.

If you're serious about building an online business and becoming a "WAHM" (work at home mom), you'll know you've made the right decision.

We hope to see you on the inside! 

Here's to you!

Ashley and Ashley

P.S. Your PromotingMom membership is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee...

Get the materials, put them into action... and if within 30 days you aren't 100% convinced that PromotingMom includes everything you need to build a business on the Internet, then ask for a full refund.   We only ask that you give it a shot, to build the kind of lifestyle that most moms only dream about.

Yes - I'm Ready to Become a Mompreneur!
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